A Pbx Ip or Pbx switch for the English “private branch exchange is the evolution of the old tdm – based switchboard switches; a private telephone network that is used within a company. At present, the age of unified communications, Ip switchboard commuters are no longer simplicity platforms as they were before. A very thin line separates unified communications and Telefonía IP.

IP Phones

IP telephony is one of the new advances in communications technology. IP denotes in English Internet Protocol, that is, the designation of the international standard of data transmission on the Internet, This is a special telephone device that facilitates making calls over the Internet.

Hotel Phones

Tecnologías network and communications solutions working jointly and collaboratively with global tele – pro – teller manufacturers to offer specific hotels solutions.


A Gateway (link door) is a device, often a computer, which allows networks to be interconnected with different protocol and architectures to all the communication niveles. It is intended to translate the information of the protocol used in a network to the protocol used in the destination network.

Wifi solutions

Networking solutions intolerate unificatures mbricas which allow a classification of colleges to create high – mobility and productivity environments with costs affordable costs.


A video conference is a communication that is established through a telecommunications network and involves the transmission of sound and image. I mean, two people who keep a video conference can listen and look each other through a screen.

Perimeter security

Perimeter security is the integration of elements and systems, both electrotechnically and mechanical, for the protection of physical perimeters, detection of attempts to intrude and/or deterrent intruders into particularly sensitive facilities.

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