Ruckus ICX 7850

  • The top scale: Up to 76.8 combined switching capacity and ports 384x 100GbE or 576x 10/25 GbE per cell of 12 units is compatible with the most demanding business environments.
  • Flexibility: Network core connectivity and switching capacity can be distributed wherever needed. He doesn’t need to be co – located in a single cabling cabinet like a traditional chassis.
  • Advanced Security: MACsec of 256 bits offers the maximum data privacy
  • Pay as it grows: model of profitable implementation of factor switching factor in the core of the network.

Ruckus ICX 7750

The ruckus Icx 7750 offers the performance of the chassis in the operations of network – coordination and network cores. The maximum speed and reliability of the switching switch in flexible escalation design allows a small implementation to add capacity as the needs grow and offer critical mission applications with total confidence.

The Icx 7750 provides the capabilities of a chassis with the flexibility and profitability of a pile switch. The switch provides a faster network response time by a non – blockade and cable speed at all ports to admit sensitive applications to latency, such as real – time voice transmission and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Ruckus ICX 7650

The ruckus icx 7650 switch is designed to meet the new challenges of the multi-programmable wireless era. It offers non-blocking performance, high availability and scalability with multigigabit ethernet access, as well as 10 Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation and 40/100gb uplink options.

The icx 7650 is an ideal solution for future state-of-the-art deployment on the university’s future campus as a sublay to support the most demanding wireless infrastructure to the next generation. In addition, the fiber version of the switch offers an effective high-cost aggregation solution of medium density.

Ruckus ICX 7450

The Ruckus ICX 7450 delivers unprecedented scaling density with enterprise-class availability. With support for Sdn, a service module for IPSec VPN, and 40GbE ports for uplinks all in a stackable design, these switches allow services to be added to any part of the network.

The ICX 7450 is an ideal network solution for campus networks that require 1GbE access or small aggregation deployments with upgradeable 1GbE, 10GbE, or 40GbE uplink modules. The switch also makes a suitable data center Top-of-rack (ToR) solution, providing a ToR access layer that can be upgraded to run at 10GbE/40GbE in the future with minimal costs and wiring changes.

Ruckus ICX 7250

The ruckus Icx 7250 offers performance and flexibility of stand – out, and the preparation of SDN that is economically profitable as the demands grow and new technologies emerge.

The Icx 7250 scale up to 8 10 ports GbE for upward or piling links, leading the industry in a total of up to 12 pile switches. Designed for small and medium – sized enterprises, branches and campuses distributed at an affordable price, these switching switches offer business functionality without compromising performance and reliability.

Ruckus ICX 7150

The ruckus Icx 7150 combines characteristic business – class commutation characteristics at a level of entry level. The Icx 7150 is family of commuters available in three formats: Standard, Z series with multi – gigabit and compact support. The switch can operate in no fan mode outside cabling cables to provide a silencious performance for classrooms, hospitality suites, retail sites, hospitals or other sensitive noise environments.

The Icx 7150 is available in 12,24 and 48 ports of 10/100/1000 mbs with a bottom – up link/double – purpose stack of 1/10 GbE and support PoE/PoE + complete. The Icx 7150 – 48zp offers 16 multi – gigabit ports, each with PoH of up to 90 watts, in addition to 32 ports of 10/100/1000 mbs with PoE +. The switching switch admits high availability at the level of the battery and the level of issu (in updating service software) to ensure the resilience of the service and business continuity.