Fanvil H2S

The Hotel’s Ip phone for fanvil H2s has a key key and can be built on the wall. The H2S is PoE and it comes complete with all the features of the standard phone such as call retention, recall, and transfer. Although the H2S is the rental system for hotels, it also fits in other settings such as offices, Retail or health care.

  • Mountainous on Wall.
  • Call for calls, call, transfer, release.
  • Level control and doorbell.
  • Undisturbed (dnd).
  • Paginación/intercom.
  • Plan marked for configurable.
  • High Interoperability – compatible with main platforms: 3cx, Asterisk, Broadsoft, elastix, zycoo, etc.
Fanvil H3

The H3 fanvil is a phone with 6 soft soft keys. The H3 has a complete duplex, free hands free with echo cancellation, and many more standard phone features like call transfer, call call, and call to await. This product also comes with an energy source included.


  • 6 soft soft keys.
  • Hd voice: hd husset.
  • Panel of custom – aid strikers with information from the hotel.
Fanvil H5

The h5 fanvil is a 144 – inch phone with a 3.5 – inch color screen with loud voice and 6 soft soft. The H5 has a complete duplex, free hands free with echo cancellation, along with many more standard phone features, such as call transfer, call call and waiting call.


  • 3,5 inches (480 x 320) colour screen.
  • 6 soft – soft buttons
  • Hd voice: hd Husset
  • 802.3af poe
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